Accelerator Discovery call

Accelerator Discovery Call

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Discovery Call

Are you a busy FINANCIAL ADVISER, LAWYER or ACCOUNTANT trying to juggle work and family and failing to make headway with ADVANCED exams, your career and income?

Book your “Pass Exams Easily” ACCELERATOR Discovery Call

Pedro Bonillo-Farias is Genius Material

“Genius Material helped me pass RO3, RO4, RO2, J10, RO8, RO5 and LP2, in that order and in 2 months! I was paying attention and I’m well on my way to becoming Chartered!

Pedro Bonillo-Farias

PBF Wealth Management Ltd,  St James’s Place Wealth Management 

The best investment I’ve made in a long time!”

Maria Clifton, Belgrave Asset Management Ltd

Maria Clifton

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