Do you send your brain to sleep? Photo of sleepy crocs

Do you send your brain to sleep?

Do you send your brain to sleep? Photo of sleepy crocsDid you know, most people when they revise, make one of two mistakes. Either they do what I used to do when I was at school, and begin well – making revision notes – but very quickly default to writing out word for word everything in the textbook in case they miss something important. I’m going to call these people the journalists!

Or they read through their course book over and over, inadvertently sending their brain to sleep! And these people I’m going to call the librarians!

It’s a little-known fact that the more you write – the more you forget! Some therapies capitalise on this and encourage their clients to write in painstaking detail – everything, and I mean everything that’s bugging them. Think how freeing it is to finally forget all your gripes and issues!

Maybe that’s not such a bright idea though when it comes to revision! The harder you work, the more notes you take, the more you forget and the more time you end up wasting!

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