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Biggest revision mistakes – Save the environment 

By  Lysette Offley

Biggest revision mistakes – Save the environment. Photo of folded paperworkHow does an untidy, disorganised environment make you feel? Is it conducive to concentration and clarity? No, of course it isn’t.

If you are working your socks off, revising hard to achieve something important, such as passing your ITIL exams, isn’t it a shame to undermine that effort in any way at all?

Spend just a moment or two thinking carefully about how you can create an environment that supports your valiant efforts. Think about where you will study. Will it be free of noise and interruptions? Will you need the cooperation of other colleagues or family members? Can you take the phone off the hook and avoid emails and social media for the duration? Is the environment warm enough but not too warm to send you to sleep? How do you revise best? At a desk or in a comfortable chair?

Set up your environment to slip easily into study mode, so your automatic, unconscious mind knows that this is the time and the place for study.

If you want to find out more about how you can cut hours off your revision and pass your ITIL exams easily, take a look at Genius Material, the complete revision system for exam success.

Lysette Offley

With 40 years of experience, Lysette Offley is a Memory and Mindset Coach to women and men at the top of their game in the Financial Services Industry who recognise the value of continual personal and professional development and support to achieve a healthy work-life balance, along with satisfaction and fulfilment.

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