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Little children, sweetly sleep… 

By  Lysette Offley

Little children, sweetly sleep. photo of dog sleepingLittle children do indeed sleep sweetly.

In fact, according to Gareth Gaskell at the University of York and Anna Weighall, children need good quality sleep to consolidate the vocabulary they’ve learnt during the day. They say that the new words are fully integrated with familiar words after 12 hours – but only if they slept well during that period.

But we knew that, didn’t we?

We already know that sleep is part of the memory consolidation process. And if you really want to learn something well, a quick ziz will go a long way.

Are you feeling sleepy?

Lysette Offley

With 40 years of experience, Lysette Offley is a Memory and Mindset Coach to women and men at the top of their game in the Financial Services Industry who recognise the value of continual personal and professional development and support to achieve a healthy work-life balance, along with satisfaction and fulfilment.

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