Thought for the day - photo of vacuum cleaner

Thought for the day

Well – here’s a thought for the day!

This home video on YouTube is mercifully short, given that you probably know where this is going (or isn’t) within the first few moments…

And you might be wondering why I’m asking you to watch an amateur video of a robot vacuum cleaner failing to do its job properly.

Or you might immediately see the metaphor…

This vacuum cleaner isn’t thinking straight!

Thought for the day - vacuum cleanerIn fact, it’s not thinking at all!

How can it?

It’s a machine!

But how many of us find ourselves going round and round in circles getting nowhere fast, just like a badly programmed machine?

How often do we find ourselves continuing to do the same thing over and over again, while at the same time, moaning about repeatedly getting the same results?

Your thought for a day

And how frequently do we plan for success? I mean, when do we deliberately clear the decks to create an environment conducive to getting the job done efficiently?

The vacuum cleaner in the video hadn’t got room to move. There was too much stuff in the way.

Are you so busy ‘doing’ that you’re not ‘thinking’ or do you take time out, on a regular basis, to step back from your life, your relationships and your business to plan for success?

Just a thought…

Meanwhile, here’s another vacuum-related video, just for laughs…

When what you’re doing isn’t working…