What is fermented food - photo of sauerkraut

What is fermented food?

What is fermented food - photo of sauerkrautEver asked the question, “What is fermented food?” Numerous cultures around the world have been fermenting food, it seems, forever!

Of course, it’s a great preservation technique and in the absence of Tesco and Waitrose, gave our ancestors access to fresh vegetables throughout the year.

It really is so easy that I’ve had a go at fermenting garlic and herbs, shallots and peppercorns and also cabbage, carrot and caraway.


Why should I?

Because fermenting turns out to increase the nutritional profile of those vegetables.

Fermenting converts glucose, fructose and sucrose (i.e. sugars) into a fuel our cells can easily use. As it ferments, and produces lactic acid, we get the benefit of healthy digestive enzymes and gut flora. Meanwhile, it cuts down the sugar content of the food, and helps us therefore to avoid dangerous insulin spikes, which apart from anything else, messes with your brain.

What did fermented food ever do for us?