Distracted pilots 

By  Lysette Offley

Distracted pilots - photo of Northwest airlines plane

Distracted pilots deliver their passengers an hour late.

I expect they just wanted to finish off what they were doing on the computer



So are Pilotless planes safer for passengers than the combination of automated systems and human operators, who get distracted from time to time? The US Air Force’s Global Hawk is the first pilotless plane to fly routinely in civilian airspace, albeit usually well above commercial traffic. Is this the sign of things to come?

Read my blog, “Are you addicted to multitasking” and make your own mind up…

Lysette Offley

With 40 years of experience, Lysette Offley is a Memory and Mindset Coach to women and men at the top of their game in the Financial Services Industry who recognise the value of continual personal and professional development and support to achieve a healthy work-life balance, along with satisfaction and fulfilment.

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