If it feels like you’re peddling twice as hard to stay in the same place these days, it’s probably because ...

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Overcoming Overload

Talking of memory loss, you know there are three signs of old age… The first is memory loss. And I ...

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Memory loss and memory growth

Last Thursday we went to Douai Abbey for the Eric Whitacre concert. Wow! The acoustics were perfect for their style ...

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Go with the flow

One of the many tricks world memory champions use to learn and easily recall information is a particular memory technique ...

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Memory Techniques: The Journey Method

Oh dearie me! Yet more bad news for people who have difficulty sleeping. The latest, from Loughborough University’s sleep research ...

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Overcome insomnia to avoid bad health and memory

Ha! Got ya! You did, didn’t you! Of course, that’s the way our brains process information. You can’t deliberately not ...

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Don’t think of a blue elephant!

Which are you – a doodle or a doodler? One description isn’t flattering: A ‘doodle’, as in Yankee doodle, is ...

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Doodling makes learning a doddle!

Not waving, but drowning. It’s not how we normally spend our Sundays – rescuing drowning sheep! Having chickened out of ...

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Not waving but drowning – rescuing drowning sheep

It’s reckoned that within the last few decades, we’ve had to get used to dealing with four times more going ...

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Are you addicted to multitasking?

Feeling a bit under the weather? We like to moan about the weather, don’t we! Sometimes it seems back to ...

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How to get happy in just 30 minutes

Ever asked the question, “What is fermented food?” Numerous cultures around the world have been fermenting food, it seems, forever! ...

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What is fermented food?

We all like a good moan now and again, don’t we? We do like a good moan, don’t we? Well, ...

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Who likes a good moan?

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